A ” Body”

I don’t care about “ her body” ,her butt

or how well she can twerk.. Because the shyt 

going to drop as she ages… but i do care about

her “ work ethics” and how she treats “ her parents”…

If she is intelligent…if she is spiritual and giving

and most importantly, if she forgives and gives more than she 


I don’t care about “ her body” but i do care if she can 

Pronounce her words correctly, if she learns from her mistakes…

Those things i care about… fuck! A body … how about her soul.. 

Now that’s …


Our mere existence is what we search for all our lives, 

Adopting traits that push us further away from our true

Destiny, which is not money ,and or our bodies or even our items…

Our destiny is right in front of us… to love and be loved is ultimately 

Why are we here, to pass on light, and hope… perseverance”.