A ” Body”

I don’t care about “ her body” ,her butt

or how well she can twerk.. Because the shyt 

going to drop as she ages… but i do care about

her “ work ethics” and how she treats “ her parents”…

If she is intelligent…if she is spiritual and giving

and most importantly, if she forgives and gives more than she 


I don’t care about “ her body” but i do care if she can 

Pronounce her words correctly, if she learns from her mistakes…

Those things i care about… fuck! A body … how about her soul.. 

Now that’s …


Religion vs spiritual

“Being spiritual is being fair, being spiritual is being just in actions. Being spiritual is being aware, and awake.

“Just because you have a “rock”, it doesn’t mean throw it.. it simply means look inside, reflecting how it feels to be stoned. So with that being said, be spiritual not religious.”