I am 

Time for me to begin

Time for me to breathe in 

Time for me to end…

All the pain that’s instilled 

In from kin…

Time for people to understand

Don’t judge that’s insane 

Time for me to begin a life 

I was afraid to let in,,,

Time for me to breathe in…

The hope and courage that was 

Lost way in..time for me to end.. This 

hurt that once began… with people like 

You, the ones that time consumes 

And leaves to hurt…

That’s so cruel… people like me we aren’t what 

we choose.

I am not what they choose so this 

Time I guess… i’ll begin the destiny that

Was meant for me to use.

Religion vs spiritual

“Being spiritual is being fair, being spiritual is being just in actions. Being spiritual is being aware, and awake.

“Just because you have a “rock”, it doesn’t mean throw it.. it simply means look inside, reflecting how it feels to be stoned. So with that being said, be spiritual not religious.”

Poetry and music

Sometimes when I’m upset I plug 🔌 into my happy space.. my headphones 🎧 and jam to NF.. and I vibe. But have you ever thought that music and poetry are the same thing? Lyrics.. thoughts, feelings.. why so many labels and categories?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com