A ” Body”

I don’t care about “ her body” ,her butt

or how well she can twerk.. Because the shyt 

going to drop as she ages… but i do care about

her “ work ethics” and how she treats “ her parents”…

If she is intelligent…if she is spiritual and giving

and most importantly, if she forgives and gives more than she 


I don’t care about “ her body” but i do care if she can 

Pronounce her words correctly, if she learns from her mistakes…

Those things i care about… fuck! A body … how about her soul.. 

Now that’s …


I am 

Time for me to begin

Time for me to breathe in 

Time for me to end…

All the pain that’s instilled 

In from kin…

Time for people to understand

Don’t judge that’s insane 

Time for me to begin a life 

I was afraid to let in,,,

Time for me to breathe in…

The hope and courage that was 

Lost way in..time for me to end.. This 

hurt that once began… with people like 

You, the ones that time consumes 

And leaves to hurt…

That’s so cruel… people like me we aren’t what 

we choose.

I am not what they choose so this 

Time I guess… i’ll begin the destiny that

Was meant for me to use.


She lied about everything,

How she wanted to give me the stars, but only 

Gave me the blues..

She lied about me being her only one,

Her stars and moons.

Love has a way like spring to autumn

To make all the pain go away.

She lied about me being her everything,

How she wanted to give me the stars, but only

Gave me the blues..

Autumn trees are so beautiful, but not meant 

To shine like spring, love has a way that makes

You forget who and what you are.. 

True love has boundaries, has compromise,

Has hope and most of all has god!

She lied about, about, everything…


James Mercer Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist from Joplin, Missouri. One of the earliest innovators of the literary art form called jazz poetry, Hughes is best known as a leader of the Harlem Renaissance. Wikipedia

Our mere existence is what we search for all our lives, 

Adopting traits that push us further away from our true

Destiny, which is not money ,and or our bodies or even our items…

Our destiny is right in front of us… to love and be loved is ultimately 

Why are we here, to pass on light, and hope… perseverance”.


I am proud of myself ! anyone reading this blog, should be too. were almost at the finish line for 2021! and GOD is all i have to say! i took a long walk today to get food… recently i got in a car wreck.. but i’m still blessed though to have a job and to have two legs that work fine in order to walk to and from grocery stores… funny thing is i’m still waiting on the other driver’s insurance company… so i will be commuting to a job that’s 45 minutes away. the aftermath of a hard and challenging year.. but it’s almost over guys! im blogging today to let everyone know that when life gives you lemons, then make lemonade! Trust in your creator, that people will be put in your life when you need it the most, doors will open.. i know from life’s different experiences . Life has a way of showing you who is truly there for you.. and who is truly there for what you can do for them and or add to their own life. sometimes even in the AFTERMATH peoples positions change for the better. The journey this year has taught me…is to trust my creator, to love like it was my last day, and to realize that items such as cars, houses, expensive shoes, etc are temporal…REMEMBER, just like we can come up in life we can also go down quicker, and sometimes it’s not because were bad, just sometimes it’s to teach others around us that our struggles can give hope to life’s AFTERMATH.

Religion vs spiritual

“Being spiritual is being fair, being spiritual is being just in actions. Being spiritual is being aware, and awake.

“Just because you have a “rock”, it doesn’t mean throw it.. it simply means look inside, reflecting how it feels to be stoned. So with that being said, be spiritual not religious.”