I am 

Time for me to begin

Time for me to breathe in 

Time for me to end…

All the pain that’s instilled 

In from kin…

Time for people to understand

Don’t judge that’s insane 

Time for me to begin a life 

I was afraid to let in,,,

Time for me to breathe in…

The hope and courage that was 

Lost way in..time for me to end.. This 

hurt that once began… with people like 

You, the ones that time consumes 

And leaves to hurt…

That’s so cruel… people like me we aren’t what 

we choose.

I am not what they choose so this 

Time I guess… i’ll begin the destiny that

Was meant for me to use.

Our mere existence is what we search for all our lives, 

Adopting traits that push us further away from our true

Destiny, which is not money ,and or our bodies or even our items…

Our destiny is right in front of us… to love and be loved is ultimately 

Why are we here, to pass on light, and hope… perseverance”.


I have been gone it seems almost 4 months, just dealing with life… the ups and the downs, the deaths and at other times births …. the hurts, and the pains… the happiness.. so the joy’s of life.

I’m sure that someone out there has felt what i’ve felt has been where i’ve been and have seen what i’ve also seen. what have i seen, i’ve seen three deaths in less than a year and a half, all circumstances were different. one death naturally ( the Patriarch), one death of sinful worldly nature.. a murder (the Uncle) he was murdered because of his race… he was shot and left on the sidewalk, after they followed him and harassed him, this incident occurred in dallas tx.

My last death, (the Matriarch) covid.. they say… she was getting better, and out of nowhere my creator (god) called her home.

Whoever is reading or visits this blog page.. just know that i understand what it feels like to lose so much in so short of a timeframe. I understand what hate and murder does to your mind, I understand that life sometimes is so hard..that we stop and end up depressed, sometimes, even suicidal.. some people stop loving .. some stop caring.. all because of life’s circumstances…its ups and downs.. it’s joy’s, and it’s love and hate.

Life… being human hurts sometimes.