Poetry and music

Sometimes when I’m upset I plug 🔌 into my happy space.. my headphones 🎧 and jam to NF.. and I vibe. But have you ever thought that music and poetry are the same thing? Lyrics.. thoughts, feelings.. why so many labels and categories?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

First loves…

Hey! , I’m here… finally, blogging. My name is L.S. Bell, but you can just call me bell.. with or without the “e” added at the end. I’m starting this journey in hopes of reaching individuals who love to read and write and change the world 😊 in unconventional, unconditional, supportive ways. So anyone out there who’s ever felt alone, sad, And confused.. let’s write, let’s brainstorm, let’s communicate… let’s change the world 🌎 one letter and quote at a time. Note: keep an open mind all are welcome in my literature space, because I serve a creator who is the embodiment of Love ❤️